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Prof. Sandee (aka SR) is the speaker, writer, and tutor for Chandlers Ministry International.
She completed all but two classes and the disertation toward a Biblical Studies Ph.D.
  Other degrees include

She is hoping to start an Instructional Technology Ph.D. program in 2015. Please help pray her through this. Thank you!
If you are curious, here is more information about Prof. Sandee.

If you'd just like to say "Hi" or discuss the website and what you thought, use the contact info link above.

Chandlers Ministry International will NEVER solicit (ask/demand/beg) for money or donations of any type.  It's God's business, and He takes care of the finances.
However, if you feel God is telling you to help Chandlers Ministry International, then use the "button" below. (Please be patient if the button is not working correctly yet.)
Donations to Chandlers Ministry International are NOT tax deductible.

"Why?"  You may ask: "Why aren't donations to Chandlers Ministry International tax deductible?"  I'll tell you.

I have chosen to use Jesus' ministry as an example.  Jesus paid taxes.  But mainly Jesus told the people to "...give to Caesar what is Caesar's, and to God what is God's." --Luke 20:22-25

Chandlers Ministry International gives Uncle Sam (the USA) his part and gives God His part.

In this age of political correctness with proper ethnic-American titles, I am proud to be called a "Christian-American".


last updated February 15, 2014