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Change of Address
"know someone who has moved on home?"

Cold Dark Day
"it was one of those cold dark days and this poem just came to mind."

God Sees the Pain
"God sees your pain ."

"if your heart aches for someone who has gone, this is for you."

"Words came between 11:30 pm and midnight, while I was praying."

I long to see You, my Friend
"my Friend is Jesus."

It Was Morning
"this was written one day when I was reading the book of John in the Bible."

Jesus' Name
"this poem was written before I knew that Christ wasn't Jesus' last name."

On My Own
"this poem was written for a friend (TW) who was going through a time of living on her own without communicating with God. I put a good ending to the poem. I don't know what happened to her, I lost contact with her. If you are out there TW you should recognize this poem."

"time waits for no one."

"I don't think I can explain this."


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