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by Prof. Sandee
March 21, 2002

I'm not going to tell you it's easy,
That ache comes back
When you least expect it.
The memory of your loved one
Who's gone home.

Oh, for one more hug.
Just a gentle touch.
How can I wait for our reunion?
But I've got so much
To do for God here yet.

I long to be there with you,
Yet how can I leave my job undone.
It may seem to me
You left too early.
You had more to do as well.

But my timing is not God's.
I know you heard that welcome:
"Well done, my child."
I want to hear Him
Say it to me as well.

And I want to hear you say it, too.
Oh, to hear your voice again.
Your Laughter,
Your Joy.

Yes, I'll keep working here
Until it's my time to go.
Then I'll be reunited with my loved one.
The one that I loved here so.

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