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by: Prof. Sandee
written early to mid 1980's

Lord, help me I'm falling
Away from you
I want to try it on my own
But I still want my heart
To be Your throne.

I thought I could make it
Without you
But somehow things just aren't the same
The peace and joy seem to be missing inside
Even though it's there on the outside.

Some people think I'm such a fine Christian
I'm not fake, just trying it on my own
Do I dare tell them
Or will they laugh and not understand
Help me to confide in a friend.

I want to learn more about you.
The things you do
The way you are
How you love me.
But I can't get close
'Cause I'm so far.

I still see you
When I turn around
But I'm getting further from you.
I want to come back
I know that's right
But yet I still want to know
What it's like

Oh Lord, I turned around
Jesus, You're not there!
How can I show You
That I care?

Let me see You again,
Dear Lord.
Why did I go so far?
I need Your help, Jesus.
Where can You be?
Help me, Lord
I've fallen away from thee.

I long to be back in Your loving arms.
I feel so lost and alone,
The world is so dark and cruel
No one seems to care.
Where's the Light?
Your Light, Lord.
You said it wouldn't go out
That it'd be there.

Am I that blind to You?
You're standing right here, I know.
Yet I can't see You,
Touch You,
Or hear You, my Lord.

Please, God, I'm scared.
How do I get back?
I want to know.
Yet, Lord, do You want me?
Now that I've been on my own.

Jesus, I need You.
I now realize that.
Please, God,
Bring me back.

I see a small Light shining
Could that be You?
Do You really want me now?
I've been so long on my own.

Help me, Jesus, to see You clearly,
More than I ever did before.
'Cause, Jesus, now I know more than ever
That I need You, to control me.

I'm sorry I ever left.
I want to apologize right now.
I know You forgive me.
Thank You, my Lord.
Now I know what it's like,

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