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God is a Computer Programmer
by: Prof. Sandee

One day while driving to work I was watching the sun rise and saw the leaves beginning to turn for the fall season. I began to praise the Lord for the sun coming up and the pretty colors of the leaves. I remembered how God made everything to run according to His Word. The sun comes up and goes down, and the seasons continue to come and go. I thought to myself, "It runs like a computer program. Father (God), You are a computer programmer!"

I then thought about "man". Most men don't follow the program. A lot of men are trying to destroy the program. Man has a choice. How does that compare with computer programs? No respectful computer programmer would add a variable that could do whatever it wanted. The programmer wouldn't have any control over the program. But God didn't want control. He wanted love.

God chose to give man a choice, so it would be real love. Now that's awesome.

We can choose to follow God's program or not. What's your choice?

I am using the word "man" here to represent all people, male and female. No offense intended.

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