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These are in order from first to last.

December 2003:
I thought I'd post a short note here once a month (or at least try) to hopefully give you a boost when you might be feeling low. This month is the Christmas month. Most kids have been counting down the days since last Christmas. Some are just hoping for a nice Christmas, some are wanting snow (especially if it closes school [grin]), and some are really hurting right now because they are missing a loved one that won't be here with them this Christmas. Maybe you are, too.

Whether this is the first time your loved one is missing or the years have been many, you still feel the same ache and hole where that person fit. Maybe you've still got other loved ones, but yet there's that one (or more) you still yearn to have around.

I really don't have an answer. See I'm in the same boat. Maybe you've read "Burying Jesus" in the Writings area. Then you know Grandma is the one I'm missing.

Oh, sure, I'll see her again. Thank God for that assurance. I pray for those of you who don't have that assurance. That has got to make the holidays even harder.

I think the thing I miss the most is trimming the tree with her. We'd get the tree out of it's box (hey, plastic evergreen is great [smile]) and put it together, then put the lights on (one on every branch). We had 300 lights on that tree last time we did a tree. Then the old glass ornaments and the new Halmark ornaments and any other ornaments we had. Wow, what a site. We always saved the tinsel for Mom. That was her job. Grandma and I would have our part done before Mom would get home from work. After supper Mom would put the tinsel on. We'd turn out the house lights and light the tree, turn on the Christmas music and sing together with the records/cassettes. I tell you that tinsel would shimmer and shine in the lights, and it was a sight to behold.

I haven't had a tree up since Grandma went home to Jesus. I just can't bring myself to do it. Thought I'd get it done this year, but the more I thought about it, the more I couldn't bring myself to do it.

Whatever holiday you celebrate this month and whoever you are missing, remember there are others who feel the same way you do, only differently cause no one can really know how you feel. Except Jesus that is. Yes, when I'm feeling low, I go to the Source of my Joy: Jesus. Here's where you can find out more about that Source of Joy.

January 2004:
Some of you are glad that the year is over, some of you have never had a year quite like that one. New Year... time for a New Start... Oh, I don't want to start over, I've come too far now. I've been through so much, seen and experienced things I never imagined. Starting over would mean I'd have to go through all those things again. No thank you. Learn from the past, learn and move on, always building on the things before.

Now it's true there are things you do not want to continue to build on. Don't carry those past sins into this New Year, drop them now, build on the good... You don't think there is any good in you? Well, God thinks you are wonderful. What? You don't believe me? "For God so Loved..." And He still Loves. He's never stopped Loving you... He wants you to be His child. Let Him Adopt you now. Here is where you can find "Peace with God" in this New Year.

February 2004:
FAITH, HOPE, LOVE:  The greatest of these is love. If you know you are loved unconditionally, then faith and hope come easily. Can you look around you and see anyone who loves you unconditionally? I mean true unconditional love.

I see someone who loves you unconditionally. So much He gave His life for you. His name? ... Jesus... Yeah, you've heard it all before, but do you believe it? Do you accept that love? It's just that simple... Here is where you can find more information about His love for you.

March 2004:
Angels always obeyed God. But one day a third of the angels decided not to obey but follow another angel, Lucifer. This had never been tested or tried before. Angels have a choice, but they do not have salvation. Once they choose to leave God, go against God, etc, they have no way back.

Angels are not created in God's image. They fear God, worship God, and do His will cause if they don't they will end up like Lucifer and the third that rebelled.

Man was supposed to have dominion, made in God's image, but he turned his back on God. Now all are destined to end up like Lucifer and the third that rebelled. But because man was made in God's image, God made a way for man to get back to Him, when we choose to come back. That way is Jesus.

Don't wait, choose now. Here is where you can find out how to have "Peace with God".

April 2004:
First, I wanted to let everyone know I'll be putting a Question and Answer (q&a) area on the site. There have been a few repeated questions that I thought I should just answer online. I still answer email questions, so feel free to keep those coming too [smile]. Okay, here's the note for the month:

We do a lot of wrong things; we mess up, but God is good and will forgive those that ask and will forget all about it. But we as humans have a hard time forgiving and especially forgetting.

It's when we do something that hurts another, we have to forgive ourself for messing up and forget it so we can move on. Whether the other forgives or forgets is between God and that person. Not forgeting it so we can make the same mistake again, but forgetting it so that it doesn't hamper our ability to minister to the person we wronged.

Many times even after we've asked the person we've wronged to forgive and they have, we still have a hard time forgiving ourself because it's such a hurtful thing we did. We can't really believe they'd forgive us cause we can't forgive us.

My Grandma and I could really get in some fusses. But after it was over we'd ask each other to forgive, and I really knew she did, and I really did forgive her too. How? Cause sometimes I'd apologize again and she'd say she'd forgotten all about it. And I learned that too. Just forget all about it and move on. Here is where you can find out how God can forgive you and forget all about your messes (aka sins).

May 2004:
"Time cannot heal, only God can. Time only helps to forget, and in remembering you still feel the pain." -- Words I heard a long time ago sung by the Speers. Words that mean more and more each day that passes by...

This was Grandma's birthday month. Those who have been reading this site for a while know she went home to Jesus 2 days after my birthday in 2001. March 27, 2004, my other grandmother died, and I found out my favorite aunt died last summmer. No one told me... My uncle, who taught me how to find the "Big Dipper" in the night sky, died in January of this year. Found that out, too, about the same time as the others.

There really isn't much to say. I know my aunt knew Jesus, pretty sure my grandmother did, and I have no idea about my uncle. As my friend once told me, there's nothing I can do about it now.

There is something you can do though: here is where you can find peace with God.

June 2004:
June is brides month. Some of you have always been the bridesmaid but never the bride, and you are desperately wanting marriage. It may come for some in time, and it may not. There is still Matthew 19:11-12 where some are made to remain single for the kingdom of God and Corinthians 7 verse 30 that Paul says some should remain single.

You so desperately want a mate. Have you tried intimacy with God. Now I know that may sound strange, but in my case intercessory prayer is a way to be intimate with God. There's no comparison, no way to explain what that is like until you have experienced it.

So how do you pray for a couple of hours. That's a hard thing to say. You certainly don't start out praying for hours. I started with a minute, then 5, and over time it has grown to hours. I challenge you to get intimate with God. Ask Him what it's all about. How you can get close enough to Him. And when you are close enough to Him, He may bring that one that he has planned for you in your life, and if not it won't matter cause You are so close to Him you won't need anyone else.

Now if you don't know who God is or you don't have a relationship with him, here is where you can find peace with God.

July 2004:
Christmas in July! At Christmas time we say, "Let's have Christmas all year long." Well, what is it that we want? The joy of giving, the joy of receiving, the special feeling we have then. Why not do that all year long? It's been said that it's more blessed to give than receive. It's also been said that you can't outgive the Lord. I wonder what would happen if everybody tried to give so much, that they tried to outgive the Lord and just see. God says in Malachi: Try Me now and see. If you give, what more blessings I will give to you pressed down and flowing over.

So let's challenge each other this month to be givers as much as we can give. Not just money but time: with your family, your children, your friends. Time for those who need your time. Maybe there are people in your church who would like a visit from someone or a phone call or a letter. A hand written letter, what a nice, age old, timeless tradition that was. How joyous it is to get that letter in the mailbox. Not a bill, not junk mail, but a nice letter from a real, live human being who knows them and cares about them. And it kind of gives you joy when you get a letter back.

So let's try to outgive the Lord this month and see what happens.

Now if you don't know God and how wonderful His giving is to us when He gave His only Son, then here is where you can find peace with God.

August/September 2004:
Well, I hope everyone hasn't thought that I've given up on posting a little note here each month. August was busier than I expected. I apologize for not getting the note here sooner.

"I am the Vine; you are the branches." I have a tree out back (we've been cleaning off our lot), and it has a vine intertwined in it. A little sapling tree. As the tree grew the vine grew with it and around it. It has not choked the tree or hurt the tree, but there isn't any way to get the vine off the tree or the tree off the vine. They're intertwined together. Oh, sure you can pull at the vine and break it in several places, but you can't get it all out of that tree. You can cut the tree down, and cut the vine down too. It's still intertwined together. It cannot be separated. "I am the Vine; you are the branches." God is intertwined in us so much that He can't be separated from us ever. What Joy!!! What Joy!!! What Joy to know that!!!

If you don't have that Joy and would like to know how you can have Peace with God, here is where you can find that.

October/November 2004:
I've updated the links page and added another answer to a new question on the q&a page.

I'm thinking October - Halloween and November - Thanksgiving, so what do I write about now? I don't celebrate Halloween. Oh, I do the candy thing if anyone comes to the door, but they get a track in their treat bag [grin]. I figure they are knocking on my door uninvited, so they can't complain about the track.

Now, I don't short-change them on candy. They get the good stuff: 3 Musketeers, Baby Ruth, Butterfinger, etc. I figure they will be more inclined to read the track since the candy is the good stuff [smile].

Okay, Thanksgiving... What are you thankful for? is the question that probably always comes to mind. But isn't that a question we should always be asking, not just on Thanksgiving?

If you would like to know how you can have Peace with God, here is where you can read all about it.

December 2004:
Merry Christmas!!! If you are looking for some good Christmas music, check out my links page and BBN radio. They are playing Christmas music for the whole month of December.

I should apologize for not getting this note up sooner, but the laptop went to the shop for two weeks and with work, it just wasn't possible. Hope you came back to check it out before the new year.

I'm going to have a Christmas tree this year. I ordered one I can plant after Christmas from Harry and David. I couldn't bring myself to put up and take down the one Grandma and I decorated each year, so I got one already decorated. It's small, and it will continue to live in my front yard for years to come. It should be here next week. I'll let you know how it was in January.

If you are still hurting from a loved one who is not with you this year, I can tell you it's a hurt only God can heal. Do I still cry? Yes, of course. I believe a love that is so strong will always cause the emotions of separation to be strong. I never thought I'd have another Christmas tree, but something happened today (3 years to the day that Grandma went home to Jesus) that made me just want one so much. A "Christmas Spirit" of all the fun and love and laughter that used to permeate Christmas. I want that again; I want to deliver and give that again. Grandma loved Christmas and now that she is in Heaven, it must be the best time there. I'll get there one day, when Jesus says it's time. Will you???

If you want to have Peace with God this Christmas, here is where you can find out about it.

January 2005:
Happy New Year!!! (and I will remember it's 2005 [grin]. That's to my friend who reminded me that it's 2004 ending and 2005 beginning. I was still talking 2003/2004. It's been a wild month/year [smile].)

If you missed those ringing bells during Christmas and if you missed the red kettle in which to drop your money, then visit my links page for The Salvation Army web site. (You can put money in their online kettle all year long.)

The little Christmas tree I got is so great. It really changed the environment of my Christmas. It just looked like it belonged to me from the time it was delivered.

(I realize I had this paragraph on for December, but I just thought I'd leave it on for another month.) If you are still hurting from a loved one who is not with you this year, I can tell you it's a hurt only God can heal. Do I still cry? Yes, of course. I believe a love that is so strong will always cause the emotions of separation to be strong. I never thought I'd have another Christmas tree, but something happened today (3 years to the day that Grandma went home to Jesus) that made me just want one so much. A "Christmas Spirit" of all the fun and love and laughter that used to permeate Christmas. I want that again; I want to deliver and give that again. Grandma loved Christmas and now that she is in Heaven, it must be the best time there. I'll get there one day, when Jesus says it's time. Will you???

If you want to start the New Year right by having Peace with God, here is where you can find out about it.

May 2005:
Well, if you come by often, you know I haven't posted a message since January. I have to apologize for that. Life got busy. :-)

I thought I'd talk about Road Rage today. Well, when was the last time you were cut off in traffic? Did you immediately pray for the car's driver in front of you? Did you know if you pray for someone, genuinely pray for someone, you can't hate them or be mad at them??? Try it next time, it'll help with that Road Rage. And if everyone does it, then we can stomp Road Rage right out of our counties, and then out of our country... It's worth a try... Prayer does change things...

If you'd like Peace with God to help you pray and help you with your Road Rage, here is where you can find out about it.

June 2005:
I have to tell you the first thing that came to my mind was "Bride's Month" [grin]. It's, also, the start of Hurricane Season here. LoL... Now, that to me is funny... But it shouldn't be, because some brides will find that their marriage is just like a hurricane... I wish all those getting married the best of luck and take God with you into your marriage. Those vows are important and meant to be kept. BUT don't stay in a marriage where you are in danger or your children, etc. are in danger. If you think you'll let someone down, or what will people think/say, etc, think again. God did not ordain abuse of any kind: physical, emotional, verbal, etc. Only you know what is right for you. Prayer is the way to find out... God will not let you be alone once you are on His side.

Just as I've mentioned here before: I have many married friends. I, also, have many divorced and separated friends. What do you do with your divorced friends? I love mine... I will stand with my true friends whether single, married, divorced, separated, etc. Some may think I need to qualify that statement. They say, "Divorce is wrong, Christians don't divorce, etc." I've heard it all, and I've seen the effects of divorce on my friends. Trust me, your divorced friend needs a true friend to stand by. Feeding the divorced person to the wolves is not the answer. Loving and bringing them into the church is.

If you and/or your spouse would like to take God into your marriage with you, here is where you can find out about having Peace with God. (It'll help when the hurricanes come :-) He's also the God of second, third, fourth, fifth, etc, chances. The Bible says, His mercy endureth forever, and His mercy is new every morning. So check Him out if you are in one of those categories. :-)

Want to help those affected by Hurricane Katrina? Visit The Salvation Army where you can help those who need help.

September 2005:
First I want everyone to know my prayers go out to everyone affected by Hurricane Katrina. Also, you MUST KNOW that God did NOT do this. Jesus came to give us life (John 10:10). I have seen many times that which satan has meant for evil, God has turned to good.

I know right now it doesn't look good. You may be displaced while you are reading this, you may not know where your family members are, etc. Don't lose HOPE.

If you want more information about this HOPE, here is where you can find out about it.

November and December 2005:
It's been so long since I've updated this little message. I apologize again. It seems that what I'm wanting to talk about will fit perfectly: Letting people down.

Since September I've had ample opportunity to let people down. People I really care about. Times they needed me and I couldn't be there. Things they wanted me to help them do, but I couldn't help.

It's really depressing sometimes trying to live up to a standard, whether it is a real standard or a self-imposed one. Mine was self-imposed. My friends understood I couldn't be there, and they understand when I can only do as much as I can. I'm not infinite. That's where God comes in. He will take care of things a whole lot better than I do.

That's not to say I shouldn't try or that I'm not important. We all are important, else God wouldn't have put us where we are today. It might not seem you are where you want to be. That's okay. Where you are is building you for where God is going to put you later. While you are there, where you are, do as much for God as you can. Leave a good impression of what God's kids are really like with those around you.

Turns out, when I talked with my friends about it, they pointed out all the good things I'd managed to accomplish. Things I didn't think were all that wonderful, were wonderful to them. I like my friends. I hope you have some good ones to hang out with, too. :-)

If you'd like to find out how to be one of God's kids, here is where you can find out about it.

January 2006:
First: if you weren't able to find a Red Kettle for donating during the Christmas season, check out the link to the Salvation Army on my "links" page. You can give all year long. :-)

I talked about friends some last time, so I thought I'd write some more about it. There are two sets of four friends I'd like to point out from the Bible. The first set of four is in the book of Job. You remember them? They came to Job to "cheer" him up after he lost everything, but ended up "downing" him and accusing him of being a great sinner because of his troubles. Job even goes so far as to imply: with friends like these, who needs enemies. Job finally finds out God knows he is righteous and has to pray for his friends because of all the wrong things in which they had accused him.

The second set of four friends is in the book of Mark, chapter 2, verses 1-12. These are the four friends who carried their friend to Jesus. When they couldn't get into the house, they climbed on the roof, cut a hole in it, and let their friend down through the hole to Jesus. Their friend got healed. Everyone glorified God.

Now, I ask you, "Which set of friends would you rather have? ... Which set of friends would you rather be like?"

If you would like a friend who will never leave you nor forsake you, then here is where you can find out about Him (Jesus).

February-March 2006:

Don't Give Up!!!
Just keep trusting that God will do what He's promised to do.

God doesn't give up on us. He keeps putting things in our lives to steer us in the direction He wants us to go. If we are attentive and open to His Word, we find it easily. Or, if you are like me, it took a 20-year detour to bring me to where God wanted me.

I've now been walking 4 years in The Anointing God had planned for me. Oh, that I had been ready 24 years ago.

I feel like I've lost so many years out in the wilderness. But I read an article and the verse that person claimed was Joel 2:25, "God will restore to me the years the locust has eaten."

I believe He is doing that for me now. There is still some way to go before I am fully where God called me 24 years ago. But to see Him working it out so much now is just so exciting and fulfilling. I can't wait for it to be completely fulfilled.

And He'll do it for you, too.

If you would like to have Peace with God, here is where you can find out how.

June 2006:

Maybe I should just do these about every four months? [smile]

I was out weeding the front yard this morning. Now I weed via a drop spreader. I push it along, the weed killer drops to the ground, and I just have to keep walking. Sounds easy, but it is tiring and boring.

The thing is, I like the weeds; the pretty ones, anyway. I think the yellow clover is really nice, and we have some very delicate, dainty blue flowers and purple flowers, uh... I mean weeds all over the yard towards the road.

I've heard it said that one person's weeds is another person's flowers. I fall in that category. Yep, I even like the dandelions. I mean, where else can you get two flowers for the price of one? It's yellow then it turns white. And it' is so much fun to blow those white pedals (okay, I know they are seeds and they spread like crazy). It's still fun. When was the last time you blew a dandelion and made a wish??? Fun is fun... :-)

I've, also, heard weeds compared to sin... Jesus even talked about how the weeds choke the Word (see Mark 4).

I thought about that as I didn't put the weed killer around the mailbox. Remember, I like the yellow clover, and it looks so good around my green mailbox. :-) I remembered that the weeds will try to choke out the good grass. A little weed left in the grass will multiply, just like a little sin left in our life will multiply. Jesus told us a little leaven (or yeast), leavens the whole lump. Amazing what that weed, leaven, sin will do. Got any unconfessed sin that's still hanging around cause you think it's pretty; it's fun; just want to keep doing it for a little longer; it hasn't hurt anything yet? Let me tell you, it's hurt more than you know: Pieces and parts of you that you are not even understanding yet. Get all of it out, NOW!!!

If you would like to confess all your sin and have Peace with God, here is where you can find out how.

Winter 2006-2007:

I think I'll write each season. [smile]

First and foremost, Merry Christmas!!! That's what I celebrate, so that's what I'll wish you all. :-)

It's been so long since I wrote, I actually have three things I'd like to talk about: Christmas, and the First shall be Last.

Christmas: What can I say? Let's have Christmas all year!!!
I put up the six-foot plastic tree that Grandma and I used to put up. Six years since I've had that tree up. I only put 200 lights on it and a few ornaments, garland, and tinsel. I didn't do a lot. It took three hours to do that. But it is pretty. I'm putting all the Christmas cards under the tree. It looks nice...

The First shall be Last; the Last shall be First: Ever since I can remember, people have told me that the lower shall be higher and the higher, lower. The example I'll use in the Bible is in Matthew 20. The man went out and hired workers for a specific sum. Later in the day he hired more workers, and again later in the day, more workers. When the ones who worked all day saw that he paid the ones who worked fewer hours the same as he'd promised them, they supposed he would pay them more. When he didn't they got angry, but he said it's his money and he'd paid what they had agreed upon. Then Jesus says, "So the last shall be first, and the first last." (verse 16)
Now, think about it. They all got the same wages, even though some worked for less time. If the first is last and the last is first, and they get the same wages, then they are equal. Remember the Bible tells us there is neither Jew nor Greek, Male nor Female in the Kingdom of God? We are equal.
I think that equal is better than being made first over someone who is first and is being put down. We are equal in God's Kingdom.

Well, those are my ideas for this season. If you would like Peace with God, here is where you can find out how to get it.

Spring - Summer 2007:

Well, maybe I'll write for two seasons. [grin]

Spring is the time for New Life. We see the trees and flowers start to bloom and everything seems alive again. At least on the outside. I have a tree out front that has some life in it, but it's only skin deep. The rest of the tree is not blooming and there is a big cut at the bottom of the tree. I don't know what got into it, but I think I'm going to have to cut it down. I'm going to give it a little while yet, just to see. It's been a hard year on the plants, cold/hot/cold/hot, it just couldn't make up it's mind around here this year.

Now, what does that have to do with any thing? Well, two things really:
(1) If you don't know God or haven't accepted Jesus as Saviour then you are only alive skin deep. You need Jesus to be alive throughout. Here is where you can find out how to get that kind of alive.
(2) Maybe you are just showing signs of being alive on the outside, but inside you are hurting because you are missing a loved one especially this time of year. Well, keep on hanging on, cause even though it doesn't feel like it, you will pull through. I know. I've been there. See my previous notes for more info on that.

Until next time, have a great spring/summer and remember to rely on God through it all. :-)

Fall 2008:

It's been a busy year, and Thanksgiving is coming. So what am I thankful for this year??? Getting to help my friends with their ministry. Out of all the things I do, that is the one that blesses me the most. I know I am helping. So what are you thankful for this year???

Remember to look for those red Salvation Army kettles and put something they can use in there. Don't carry cash with you? Don't write checks anymore? Then the Online Kettle is for you.

Here is where you can find Peace with God.

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